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If You Already Have A Real Estate Agent. . Why Are You Calling Me?

Mar 01

filed under: Buying A Home, Real Estate, Yada Yada

I’m an Associate  broker with The Thompson’s Realty Company.  I have been with Jay Thompson, who owns the company for about a year and a half. Because of Jay’s reputation he has one of the most active real estate sites in Arizona, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy. I mention all of this because of the volume of leads that his site produces. It’s phenomenal and of course he passes them all down to his agents. Yeah it’s pretty awesome. What amazes me is how many of these leads are already working with Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

Warning: New Maricopa County Residency Affidavits Coming In The Mail. . . Do Not Ignore

Feb 06

filed under: 2nd Home Buyers, Buying A Home, Living In Fountain Hills, Yada Yada

That’s right, along with your Notice of Full Cash Value Valuation, expect to receive an affidavit from the County Assessor’s Office attesting that you live in your house. Do not ignore this affidavit or toss it into the trash as doing so could result in a higher tax bill on your Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

So What Are All Those Real Estate Cash Buyers Buying Anyway?

Jan 30

filed under: Market Conditions, Real Estate

Well it isn’t old news yet, after all we are just heading into February. So did you know that 2011 in the Valley we had the second highest sales record of the decade (100,959) running second to 2005’s housing bubble heights (104,725). But what is really amazing is that 47% of the sales in 2011 were cash sales. That’s right, Valley Buyers purchased over Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

Got Beer. . . How About Over 150 Kinds To Choose From At Fountain Hills Express

Jan 27

filed under: Living In Fountain Hills, Local Gems, Yada Yada

Well here I go again with one of my Fountain Hills “hidden gem” blogs.  If you happen to be a beer lover then you need to pay attention to this story. Howard and I had lunch in our local little deli “Fountain Hills Express” the other day, because we love their big, fat  Chicago hot dogs (two for $5.00), and while we were waiting to be served we looked around and knew something Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

Is the Valley Of The Sun Headed For A Real Estate Recovery?

Jan 17

filed under: Buying A Home, Foreclosures & Short Sales, Market Conditions, Real Estate, Yada Yada

Is the Valley of the Sun headed for a real estate recovery? Well it’s hard to argue with statistics. Sales rebounded in 2011 dramatically, hitting a high of 101,436 which is the second highest total sales of Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris