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Howard and I are pretty proud of these reviews.  Although these are summaries and posted as a convenience for you we invite you to visit Zillow Agent Reviews to see these reviews in their entirety.

June 27, 2012

This is the second Real Estate transaction we have entered into with the Harris Team and honestly I wouldn’t want to deal with anyone else now that we have experienced their high level service and attention to detail. As an out of town buyer or an absentee owner, you have to rely on good trusting people, and you don’t have to look far if they are on your team. They helped us understand their local laws and stepped in to help how it related to the real estate transaction so there were no suprises. We consider them friends.

Wendy & Brian Lutz
Canada & Fountain Hills

June 24, 2012

Living out of state trying to find a realtor interested in selling a house is hard to say the least. After several trys we found T.J. We received more options from their office than all of the others put together. Months later we found a nice house on a short sale in the south valley. Almost four months later everyone came together and we closed the deal. T.J. and Howard always responded within hours to any questions or concerns we had on the property or process. Totally professional people. Howrd set the inspection up, got the utilities on so the inspection as completed in an afternoon. We closed several days later. Great courteous, professional service.

John & Ferne Lovelace
Maricopa, AZ

January 16, 2012

I recently had the pleasure of working with The Harris Team to sell my existing home and purchase a new one. They are very professional and experienced and always responded very quickly to any questions I had. Their suggestions for pricing and staging the home I sold were right on, which is evidenced by the fact that my house sold in two days. They went above and beyond to make both of my transactions happen very easily and smoothly. I can recommend them without any hesitation and will definitely use them again the next time I buy or sell a home.

Julie Peterson
Scottsdale, AZ

October 11, 2011

My husband and I just completed a short sale home purchase. It would not have been possible without Howard and TJ’s help. They went above and beyond to ensure our deal went through. We hit many roadblocks, but were able to overcome them and still close escrow on time. Often short sales are a lengthy process, but with due diligence, professionalism, and experience, Howard and TJ were able to expedite the sale. My husband and I are very happy with the service provided by the Harris Team and we highly recommend them. We feel they took a personal interest in our sale.

My husband and I are very happy with our new home!!!!

Alicen & Rob Chambers
Surprise, AZ

June 13, 2011

I would highly recommend the Harris Team as TJ and Howard truly listened and paid close attention to our needs. With their extensive knowledge of the Arizona real estate market they were able to find us the most amazing vacation property in Fountain Hills – one that we never could have imagined otherwise. They guided us through the whole process and helped us every step of the way going above and beyond our highest expectations. Thank you T.J. and Howard!

Heather & Brent Neale
Winnipeg, Manitoba

May 16, 2011

From the very first email before TJ even knew if we were serious buyers she took the time to explain the changing real estate market in Phoenix and what our possible challenges may be. From the start she seemed to be working 24 hours a day with us, although we knew she had many other clients to service.

Even though we had a small budget and probably one of her pickier clients she was able to find us a home that met our criteria and made us feel like we their top priority. TJ was our eyes of our home purchase as we were buying a rental property sight unseen. She never hesitated to give us honest feedback good or bad so we knew we could trust her.

When it came time to the inspection and dealing with multiple issues Howard was excellent in making sure everything we wanted to be addressed was. Specifically making sure the warranties on fixed items were written properly (the roof warranty initially wouldn’t have covered us if he hadn’t asked them for different wording). This team is knowledgeable, honest and so hardworking which you won’t find with every realtor. If we ever have a chance to recommend them to any family or friends we would in a heartbeat. TJ and Howard THANK YOU once again!

Preston Erb & Kim Amor
British Columbia, Canada

May 12, 2011

We have worked with Howard and TJ on two separate occasions; when we purchased our home and when we negotiated a lease for our business location. On both occasions the service they provided was excellent. Howards legal background is a real attribute, especially when it came to our lease. They both spent countless hours educating us on the transactions. They made certain that we understood everything thoroughly before we signed anything. Any questions we had were always answered in a timely fashion.

Howard and TJ both possess a thorough understanding of the local real estate market. TJ ‘s “Fountain Hills Up Close” is a great blog that shares her market insight and her love for the community we live in. They are both true professionals that aren’t just interested in making the deal, but that its the right deal for their clients. We recommend them highly and will use their services again.

Drs. Tim and Lisa Loving
Fountain Hills, AZ

May 7, 2011

We are a gay couple who was buying house to rent before we use it for retirement. First, I compared this team to two other realtors. One was very experienced. The other was younger and energetic. The experienced realtor was confused by the way the market had changed. The younger one had a territory that was too spread out and not enough knowledge of the specific area I was interested in. The Arizona state web site listed all the recent licensing courses Tj Harris had taken. Courses that included REO and Short sale market that I wanted to include in my property search. TJ was knowledgeable and then, when you look at Howard Harris, he has an amazing history as a real estate lawyer. This is how I chose them.

Did I make the right choice? YES! They put their knowledge and experience on my side. I had very specific house search requirements and one was kind of quirky. The REO market I was entering was changing as investors were buying up properties very quickly. Although we jumped right in on a bid, it had just gotten accepted that day. Next, we found another property that was in a large multiple-bid situation. I did not offer beyond my budget and it went for a higher price to someone else. Another multiple-offer REO property came along, and I my offer was accepted. However, on inspection, an almost 14K roof repair caused me to back out.

The Harris team did not give up on me. There was another house I had liked before, but it required a perimeter wall for my privacy concerns. That’s where Howard’s legal background came into play. He was able to clear two easement issues on the property that may have interfered with building the wall and other changes. I was able to close on this property with my spouse 2 days ago. I was a serious buyer who offered on 4 homes and went through tons of inventory, so, the amount of time they spent with us was considerable. Most people will probably find a home sooner, but if you don’t, you better have realtors like ours.

Thomas McKenna and John Lardie
Newtown, CT

March 19, 2011

Dear TJ and Howard Harris,

We want to thank you so much for all the hard work and love you put into helping us find our dream house in Phoenix. We are not first time home buyers, but this was the first time we have ever bought a house in the USA. You both made this experience very enjoyable and we felt so comfortable and looked after from beginning to end. The gift of having a realtor and lawyer working together as a team brought us so much ease.

TJ, your caring nature, extensive experience and patience made locating the perfect house with all the features we wanted a real pleasure. By going above and beyond again and again, we felt like we were your most valuable clients, even though we knew how busy you are. Your excellent client service made this dream of ours become a reality. You not only met, but exceeded all of our expectations.

Howard, your abundance of knowledge and background as a lawyer made us feel so confident when dealing with the other parties. You have a gift and made all of the complicated real estate documents and other legalities understandable to us. You saved us so much time and worry by carefully explaining each step along the way. This provided us with so much peace of mind and we truly felt secure in your hands.

TJ and Howard, you have become our dear friends, we will be buying our next house with your help, we are your clients and friends for life. We will send all of our family members, friends, business colleagues and contacts who want to buy in Arizona your way.

Thank you for looking after us. Words can not sufficiently express our gratitude for you.

Shelley and David Bosco
Port Moody, B.C. Canada

March 17, 2011

T.J. and Howard Harris were invaluable when it came to purchasing our new home. Their expertise and diligence insured that we got the house of our dreams for less than the asking price. The Harris Team gives their clients full service from finding their dream home to negotiating terms and walking you through all of the contracts and fine print. I am so fortunate that I had the opportunity to work with two terrific people.

Eve Glantz & Brian Betz
Mesa, Arizona

March 8, 2011

TJ and Howard worked with me online for over a year before we met. I am based abroad in Asia but wanted to buy a home in Arizona where my extended family resides. TJ set up a web portal for me to view homes within my criteria and we discussed each new possibility over the course of the year. She also introduced me to the mortgage broker who would ultimately handle my loan (much of this work was done in advance as well). I went to Arizona with a list of thirty possible homes, which TJ, Howard and I visited over the first few days I was in town. We all agreed on what we thought the best home was, and the Harris Team got to the serious work. In short, we were able to close on a lovely home which exactly fit my preferences within the five weeks I had available to make this happen. Communication was flawless, execution outstanding, and they are a great pleasure to work with. I could not have been more pleased.

Michael F. Stievater

USAID Regional Development Mission/AsiaDirector
Office of Governance and Vulnerable Populations
Office Phone: 66-22-57-3206
Office Fax: 66-22-57-3099

February 3, 2011

TJ and Howard were a pleasure to work with and are a great team for representing buyers in Arizona. As a first time home buyer, they thoroughly walked me through the process. They also helped answer ALL of my questions along the way and searched with me until I found “the perfect house.” I was in great hands working with Howard and TJ and would recommend them to anyone searching for a Realtor®

Allison Twomey, Scottsdale, AZ

July 31, 2010

We were first time home buyers and wanted to purchase a home in Arizona. We seriously needed a professional buyer’s agent who exclusively represents the buyers and respects the buyer’s interests. We were very lucky to meet  TJ and Howard Harris. They are very nice, efficient and always have the client’s best interests at heart. TJ and Howard helped us find our dream home and made our home buying process go smoothly and easier than we expected. We highly recommend TJ and Howard to anyone who is interested in buying a house or property. Just give them a call and you will never regret.

Dr. Lien Minh, Laveen, AZ

August 24, 2010

Howard and TJ, Jyotsna and I are extremely happy with your services in helping us find the right property for us. You answered all the questions that we had and made sure that the property closed on time in spite of us being out of state. We will definitely use your services for all our future real estate purchases.

Vijay & Dr. Jyotsna Muttineri, New York

July 30, 2010

TJ and Howard, we want to thank you for helping us find and buy a townhome in Scottsdale.  Your team approach is an outstanding way to serve your clients.  TJ’s knowledge of the local real estate market and available properties coupled with Howard’s knowledge of legal requirements to protect our interest gave us assurance to concentrate on finding a property that best meets our needs.  We would highly recommend you to prospective clients.  Also we want to thank Roxanna Brock of the National Buyers Agent Association for recommending you to us.

Bill and Pat Nock, Scottsdale, AZ