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Due Diligence Vol.1 . . “The Home Inspection” Not Doing One Is Not Cool

Feb 23

filed under: Buying A Home, Home Inspections, Real Estate

Home inspectionSo here you are having gone through the first stages of buying a home. You spent time finding a home, you put in an offer and went through the purchase negotiations and have a signed and accepted contract. A little stressful, possibly a little hair raising at times, but Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

Prospective Buyers Did You Know Many Arizona “Active Listings” Already Have Offers

Feb 21

filed under: 2nd Home Buyers, Buying A Home, Real Estate

Listings showing activeHoward and I only do exclusive buyer representation, because of that we deal with a lot of prospective buyers. In the “new normal” market we find ourselves in I am finding buyers are getting confused or don’t understand things attached to a listing description like AWC-I or AWC-C. In the past, it was pretty clear that a listing that was Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

5 Reasons Gemini Twin Homes Are Overlooked By Buyers

Jan 20

filed under: 2nd Home Buyers, Buying A Home, Living In Fountain Hills, Real Estate

Fountain Hills Gemini Twin HomeI’m convinced that Gemini Twin homes are often overlooked by prospective home buyers for the following reasons:

  1. They have never heard of a Gemini Twin Home.
  2. They see it on their real estate searches as a dwelling type choice and don’t know what it is and its just easy to ignore it.
  3. They believe it’s some type of manufactured home or a double wide mobile home.
  4. They think its a duplex home, i.e. twin having something to do with” two” and they are not looking to own two homes.
  5. Their real estate agent has never suggested or educated them about this type of property.

Well if you can see the photo in this post it’s pretty obvious that it is not a double wide mobile home. So lets talk about what it is and not what it isn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

A Great Tour Of Our Incredible Fountain Hills Schools

Jan 18

filed under: Buying A Home, Living In Fountain Hills

Back To School

Fountain Hills School Tour Last Thursday I went on a tour with other local Realtors® of our Fountain Hills Unified School District Schools. I have to tell you it has been many years since I have had a reason to go and visit an elementary school let alone a high school. My kids are fully grown with kids of their own and live out of state.

As a local Realtor┬« here in Fountain Hills, I am aware where our schools are, I had some basic information about school ratings, class size etc. but to be honest that’s where it ends. We were very fortunate to have our tour conducted by the Superintendent of FHUSD Dr. Bill Myhr.

It did not take long for me to see how much he loves his job and how proud he is of the Fountain Hills Schools, his staff, the teachers and his students. It also didn’t take long for me to wish I could go back to school all over again. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

When Buying A Foreclosure “AS IS” Means “Forget About It”

Jan 10

filed under: Buying A Home, Foreclosures & Short Sales, Real Estate

As Is Foreclosure ContractBuying a foreclosure property in an “As Is” condition can be synonymous with, how do they say it in New York. . “Forget About It”. The Arizona Association of Realtors┬« “As Is” addendum provides the parties (that’s you and the lender) agree that the property is being sold in its existing condition and the seller (the lender again) makes no warranty to the buyer, except that the seller agrees to maintain and repair the premises so that at the earlier of possession or close of escrow, the property will be in substantially the same condition at the time of contract. All this is well and good if Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris