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The SPDS And Why They Are Important To A Buyer . . . No We Are Not Talking About Potatoes

Sep 05

filed under: Buying A Home, Real Estate

So after tons of hours, days or months you have finally found that special property that you have contracted to purchase. Your ten day property inspection period is just about to start. Your Realtor® has now provided you with what is known in the real estate world as the “SPDS” from the seller of the property. SPDS is short for Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

Buying A Condo? Be Sure To Do Your Due Diligence About The Development You Are Buying In

Jul 24

filed under: 2nd Home Buyers, Buying A Home, Real Estate

Condos can definitely have their advantages over owning a single family home. For a vacation property or second home they are often the preferred dwelling choice. Not having to take care of outside maintenance such as replacing a roof, painting the exterior, lawn care etc. goes hand in hand with this type of turnkey property. They can also be great for Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

What Do Buyers, Wannabe Sellers And Realtors® All Have In Common?

Jun 14

filed under: Buying A Home, Market Conditions, Real Estate, Selling A Home

Well if you don’t know the answer . . . it’s frustration. What a difference a year makes. Would be buyers and wannabe sellers can’t get together, it’s as simple as that. You’re hearing it everywhere now, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and the many other towns in the Valley, inventory is dwindling, the pickins are slim out there. Buyers can’t buy a house, many sellers want to sell their home but Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

What Kind of Homebuyer Are You . . . Decisive Or Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda?

Apr 26

filed under: Buying A Home, Market Conditions

Before you read this short blog STOP and read this. . .


For all my clients that have purchased a property in the past couple of years, are currently under contract, are actively looking this very moment OR are thinking of purchasing in the Phoenix area,  this article will mean different things to each of you.

There is no question that the market here in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Phoenix and all the other outlying areas in the valley is now a “sellers” market. For those of you who think it’s still a “buyer”s market Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

If You Already Have A Real Estate Agent. . Why Are You Calling Me?

Mar 01

filed under: Buying A Home, Real Estate, Yada Yada

I’m an Associate  broker with The Thompson’s Realty Company.  I have been with Jay Thompson, who owns the company for about a year and a half. Because of Jay’s reputation he has one of the most active real estate sites in Arizona, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy. I mention all of this because of the volume of leads that his site produces. It’s phenomenal and of course he passes them all down to his agents. Yeah it’s pretty awesome. What amazes me is how many of these leads are already working with Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris