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Have A Showing . . Clean The Pet Drool Off The Patio Door

Jan 26

filed under: Real Estate, Yada Yada

Showing your home clean the Patio-Door-DroolI cannot tell you the countless times I have taken a client in to see a property and I shake my head and ask myself  “do these sellers really want to sell their home?”  Yes it’s grueling and a pain in the butt to always have your home show ready, especially with the time it’s taking to sell a property in todays’ market.  There are thousands of homes on the market, your competition is fierce. For these reasons  your home needs to make a good first impression for a prospective buyer.  Here are just a few things you should take care of prior to a prospective buyer coming to see your home. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

All Things Costco . . Battlefield, Obstacle Course, Survival

Jan 16

filed under: Harry and Ruffus, Yada Yada

Loading Groceries At CostcoNo this post is not about our Fountain Hills community, its” fine restaurants, shops, current events or matters of real estate. No today I am writing about, of all things, Costco. I guess you could call this one of those venting posts and since I have a blog, why not take advantage of this conduit of free speech to purge my feelings and personal observations about all things Costco.

First you have to understand that I go to Costco frequently.  The instigator of this every other week visit is our dog HarryHarry in tub 3 You see Harry cannot live without his daily vice of Chicken Bacon strips. Heaven help me if I run out of them. I must always have a backup bag. Let me tell you that this little treat is not cheap. Petco and Petsmart sells them for some ridiculous price. Costco sells them in this very large bag and gets in my wallet for $15 plus a bag. I have a very spoiled dog. OK, let’s start the purging. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

Value of “Our House” The White House Plummets. . .Should we sell?

Jan 09

filed under: Market Conditions, Yada Yada

Value of White House Our House Plummets Should We SelllAt the top of the market, we all remember that time right, The White House i.e. the people’s house, our house, was valued at $331,500,000. The Los Angeles Times now reports that according to a Zillow Zestimate (and I’m sorry and it’s nothing personal because I’m a Realtor® or maybe it is, but I’m really suspect of their so called zestimates) in the past three years our house,
“The White House” has lost almost a quarter of  its value.  In the last month alone it’s lost almost $4,000,000. So are you sitting down, cause this is a jaw dropper, in today’s market Zillow is telling us that we would’nt get Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

New Years Resolutions Yeah Yeah Yeah

Jan 08

filed under: Yada Yada

new-year-resolution-yeah-yeah-yeahWell its the 8th of January and there could be a couple of things going on regarding your New Years resolution. First you have’nt made one yet. Well we can all  see where that ones going, I mean come on, this was supposed to be done a week ago.   Second you made one but have’nt had time to put it into action yet, oh pleaaasse, remember part of your resolution was NO EXCUSES. Third you made the resolution, in verrry good faith I might add, and you broke it already. You of course are feeling way GUILTY and are praying that none of your friends, husband, wife or kids will ask you how its going because you might have to . . .shhhh tell a tiny white lie rather than admit to your annual failure.

If you happen to be a New Years resolution wannabe, or you’re one of the ones that did in fact make a New Years resolution, let me give a guess as to what it might have been or was. Don’t hesitate to raise your hand if one of these is yours. . . Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris