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Its A Little Lonely At The Fountain Hills Dog Park

May 25

filed under: Harry and Ruffus, Living In Fountain Hills

I write a lot about the Fountain Hills dog park, probably because we take Harry and Rufus pretty much twice a day. Only now going to the dog park is just not the same. Summer is just beginning and many of the four legged snow birds have gone home along with their owners. I think they are as they say “lucky dogs”. I’m sure most of them are going back to much cooler temps than what their Arizona canine friends Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

Fountain Hills, AZ Has The Best Dog Park Ever. . Just Ask The Dogs

Apr 04

filed under: Harry and Ruffus, Living In Fountain Hills, Local Gems

We love the dog park. . its the best ever!

We love the dog park. . its the best ever!

Well that’s silly, we all know dogs can’t talk, so I will be blogging on their behalf.  No I have not been to tons of other dog parks to make such a statement. I don’t need to go to other dog parks to know that Fountain Hills has the best dog park ever. It just is. Here’s the deal, when you live in Fountain Hills your can get anywhere in seven minutes. That includes the dog park and Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

Fountain Hills, AZ Pet-Adopt-A-Thon Sunday April 3, 2011

Apr 01

filed under: Because We Care, Community Events, Harry and Ruffus, Living In Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills Paws Around the Fountain April 3rd 2011

Harry and Ruffus

Looking to find someone that is going to love you unconditionally, will always be there for you on a down day, will be ever so appreciative and grateful for everything you do for them and will even “lick your toes”? Then you need to show up on Sunday, April 3rd between 10 am and 3 pm to  pick out the companion of your Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris

Dog Park Politics In Fountain Hills. . . Someone Google Fact Check

Feb 01

filed under: Harry and Ruffus, Living In Fountain Hills, Yada Yada

Afternoon PowWowFountain Hills has a great dog park. We go there a lot with our dog Harry, sometimes twice a day, yeah I know its crazy but as I have said before  Harry is a very spoiled dog. Anyway if you can get to the park about 7:30 am you will find a group of dog owners that are extremely passionate about their politics.

The setting is the big dog park, (there’s a small dog park as well) with all the big dogs and, yes I’m going to say it, their very Republican dog owners, plus a sprinkling of some verrry out numbered Democrats. Oh and yes the Tea Party tribe, hmmm are they Republicans, sometimes hard to tell who’s who. I really can’t say I have seen any independents but it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

The cast of characters and no last names here, Mitch, Fred, Joe, Howard, Frank, Nick, Bob and BoB (there’s 2 Bobs), and Jerry to name a few.

From time to time it’s not so easy to determine ones political persuasion.  An owner may be just chillin in the background and choose not to contribute to the political topic of the day or chose to walk away from an often heated discussion. All I can tell you is that “Fact Check” needs to be instituted for these die hard, big dog owner, amateur politicians.

Harry Dog ParkMake no mistake these dog owners are all law abiding fun citizens who will spout off whatever they are thinking. Although not political, I am looking forward to their feisty opinions about the upcoming Super Bowl. Don’t have a dog, come to the dog park anyway, especially if your a Democrat, we need all the help we can get. The bonus that comes with all these lively discussions is that the dogs are really fun to watch, especially Harry, everyone loves Harry.

Written by Howard Harris

All Things Costco . . Battlefield, Obstacle Course, Survival

Jan 16

filed under: Harry and Ruffus, Yada Yada

Loading Groceries At CostcoNo this post is not about our Fountain Hills community, its” fine restaurants, shops, current events or matters of real estate. No today I am writing about, of all things, Costco. I guess you could call this one of those venting posts and since I have a blog, why not take advantage of this conduit of free speech to purge my feelings and personal observations about all things Costco.

First you have to understand that I go to Costco frequently.  The instigator of this every other week visit is our dog HarryHarry in tub 3 You see Harry cannot live without his daily vice of Chicken Bacon strips. Heaven help me if I run out of them. I must always have a backup bag. Let me tell you that this little treat is not cheap. Petco and Petsmart sells them for some ridiculous price. Costco sells them in this very large bag and gets in my wallet for $15 plus a bag. I have a very spoiled dog. OK, let’s start the purging. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Howard Harris