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In these difficult economic times animal shelters throughout Maricopa County are overcrowded and need your help. Many of these animals have been given the name “foreclosure pets”.  As awful as it may sound, families who have lost their homes through a foreclosure, often leave their pets behind or have to take their pet to a shelter.  Many of these families are now going to have to rent and pets are not permitted or they can no longer afford to take care of  them. For me I can’t imagine how painful that must be for the family and especially for their pet.  They don’t  have a clue as to why they have been abandoned. The sad ending, because of the lack of funds and overcrowding is that many of these wonderful creatures are euthanized.

Harry & Rufus

Harry & Rufus "Best Buds"

Well thank goodness for Pal’s Inn and Pet Resort here in Fountain Hills.  Even though they are not an animal shelter as we know it, but an Inn for your pet to stay while you go away, Pals has allocated space in their facility to house some of these animals until they can find a forever home.  So at the request of our adopted canine Harry and his friend Rufus who comes to visit a whole lot and  is also an adoptee, Fountain Hills Up Close  asks that you support what Pal’s Inn is doing for these homeless animals. Dropping off extra dog or cat food is very much appreciated. Have some spare time sign up with the all volunteer group  “Rescue Pals” to help out with walking the dogs so they keep getting the exercise they need.  Thinking about getting a new pet, stop by Pal’s Inn to see some of the great cats and dogs that they have up for adoption before you go anywhere else.  Call or visit Pal’s Inn and Pet Resort at  11669 N. Saguaro Blvd. in Fountain Hills. 480-837-0069