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Fountain Hills, Arizona . . . Saving The Best For Last

May 08

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Sunday afternoon I was doing floor time at my brokerage firm Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate in Fountain Hills. It was a pretty quiet day for the most part until around 4:30 PM when I had a Canadian couple wander in.  They seemed rather surprised that our office was open and welcomed the opportunity to talk to someone about Fountain Hills.In the beginning of our conversation I asked them how did you come to be in Fountain Hills this afternoon. They replied with “well it wasn’t planned, but kind of an accident.” Where they really planned on staying for a short weekend was

in Scottsdale, but all the Holiday Inns were booked and they were referred to the closest one here in Fountain Hills. They went on to expound on how beautiful it was, they were thoroughly enjoying our town and wanted to know more about real estate prices etc. Can this situation be anymore perfect for someone doing floor time at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon. Well actually it got even better because we went out yesterday and looked at several properties and I now have new clients looking to possibly buy a second home in our great community.

Over the past couple of years I have connected with many out of state and international prospective buyers that zero in on the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  There is no question that they do this because they don’t have a clue where anything else is in Arizona, especially Fountain Hills. It’s just a given that they will most likely start their property search in these two areas. Sure a few don’t fit the mold and Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Peoria, Cave Creek and a few other cities are part of their search criteria. Someone they know could have referred them to these areas, or perhaps a job relocation was the reason for looking in these other areas.

What I have found to be true when working with  many of these prospective purchasers is that many of them do not have to be in a specific area in the Valley. Many of them are retirees, or just want a second/vacation home to come to for a  few weeks of the year.  Countless times I have shown them properties in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area as they have requested, but I have also added a couple of properties in Fountain Hills at the very end of our schedule and the reaction never fails me.

Most of the time as we are driving into Fountain Hills on Palisades the “wow” is the first thing I hear, then it’s “oh my God this is beautiful”. Then the tour begins, our beautiful Fountain Park, the Fountain, our manicured golf courses, the lush desert backdrop behind so many of our beautiful homes, the hilly terrain, the community center and library, our community theatre, the beautiful bronze sculptures throughout the community, our medical campus, Avenue of the Fountains, great restaurants, shops, the views and so much more.

OK, I’m a bit biased. I live in Fountain Hills and whenever possible I want my prospective buyers to know about this beautiful community. Why should they miss out just because they didn’t know where it was or that it was even here. Isn’t this the reason they have me, to help them find the best property in the best location in the Valley. So what can I say, I will always as the expression goes “save the best for last”.

Written by Howard Harris