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If You Already Have A Real Estate Agent. . Why Are You Calling Me?

Mar 01

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I’m an Associate  broker with The Thompson’s Realty Company.  I have been with Jay Thompson, who owns the company for about a year and a half. Because of Jay’s reputation he has one of the most active real estate sites in Arizona, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy. I mention all of this because of the volume of leads that his site produces. It’s phenomenal and of course he passes them all down to his agents. Yeah it’s pretty awesome. What amazes me is how many of these leads are already working with an agent. My question is what are you doing looking for a property on The Phoenix Real Estate Guy’s site?

Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Where is the loyalty to the agent you are working with? Is there a reason you did not receive the listing that you are calling about from the agent you are working with? Is your agent just not available, sure that can happen, I mean come on, although we put you in the center of our world,  we do have other clients besides you, and from time to time we go out of town, and sometimes we are in that very private little room that has that thing that flushes.  What’s that phrase that John Stossel says “come on, give me a break”.

So just what is the reason you feel the need to just keep looking on your own. Are you finding that your current agent does not have time for you when you want to see a property or perhaps he or she doesn’t  return your calls in a reasonable period of time. Isn’t that what texting is for, you know to get that fast response. Are you thinking maybe your price bracket isn’t high enough to produce a high enough commission for your agent, so maybe you feel like you are being put on the back burner for someone looking in a higher price bracket or maybe you don’t trust the fact that your agent has sent you EVERYTHING that’s out there that meets your criteria.

Well here is what you need to know about what kind of service ALL of my clients get no matter what price bracket they are in. First all of my clients are set up on an automatic email system with their own personal portal to receive any new listings that fit their criteria. I have advised them that once we have done this that there is no reason to search someone else’s site or any of the public sites. It is a waste of their time, especially sites like Zillow, Yahoo, Trulia which are never up to date or accurate. Yes criteria can change and revisions can be made to their search at any time.  If we have covered all the bases with the criteria you have provided you are going to get any and all new listings as soon as they hit the market. These listings are coming straight from the MLS. You will not be behind the eight ball only to find that a property that was perfect for you went under contract a week ago. No that will not happen.

Also, my IPAD and IPhone 4S are attached to my hip. That’s right they are stuck there. I will not miss your email, text or phone call and I will respond usually within 15 minutes and if I can’t my partner will. That’s right I have a partner, so you get two agents working for you.

Remember that too busy thing with your current Real Estate agent. That does not cut it with me or my partner. One of us will be available for you within reasonable working hours of the day. Looking for something in the $50K range, you are going to get the same service that I give to my $500K buyer. If I’m going out of town, all the techie gadgets come with me so I am not out of communication with my clients. I also have some 30 agents as backup that I can call on if you need to see a hot property.   If for some reason I am too busy and don’t feel I can take on another client at the time I got you as a lead, I am going to refer you over to one of my Thompson’s Realty colleagues. Too busy to respond to my clients or make arrangements to show a property, sorry not going to happen on my watch.

So what can I say, if you called on a property that was on The Phoenix Real Estate Guy’s site and you already have a Real Estate agent that you are working with, most likely that agent is not giving you the service you deserve or maybe it’s you cheating on your agent and I’m sorry that’s totally not acceptable.

Written by Howard Harris