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Summers in Arizona. . . The Honest Truth If You Are Looking To Relocate

Aug 05

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I have to be perfectly honest here, I am not a fan of our summers here in Arizona. They are long, hot and yes humid. The “its a dry heat” just does not cut it in July and August. Of course that is our monsoon season and if you think that sounds like lots and lots of rain it just ain’t so. Humidity yes, rain . . some.

If you are thinking of relocating to Arizona, don’t let this post change your mind. In all likelihood you are leaving some place that has long, cold and snowy winters and you have had it. Coming from Chicago some fifteen years ago, I definitely feel your pain. What I didn’t have was the benefit of  someone telling me “just be prepared, it’s very hot in Arizona in the summer”. Hey, I didn’t fall off a turnip truck, I knew Arizona was hot in the summer. What I didn’t know was what it was like to LIVE in Arizona in the summer. Now I do and want to share with you what you can expect if you plan on relocating to Arizona.

First you can count on spending a lot of time indoors, 110 degrees is a temperature you just don’t want to be walking around in. Have grand kids, sorry don’t expect them to want to come and visit during their summer break, I mean how many movies can you take them to. By the way that pool you have in your backyard is not exactly refreshing at 80+ degrees, not only for them but for you either. Expect your electric bill to be substantially higher, your AC is running pretty much non stop. Yes you can close your blinds, do all those energy efficient things, but seriously I just don’t like living in a cave for five months.

You can plan on replacing your car battery more often than you are used to. The heat has a thing about eating up car batteries. Speaking of cars, your pets stay home when you have to go out, no leaving them in the car where temps can easily rise to 120 degrees within minutes. Oh that 120 degree temp is the reason you can’t touch your steering wheel or need something to sit on before you place your toosh with your bare legs on your leather seats if you failed to put the sun visor on your windows before you went into the mall.

Water, you will have to drink lots and lots of water, dehydration is nothing to fool around with. Bare feet outside, a big no no, most out door surfaces, including many pool decks, are too hot to walk on without anything on your feet. That also applies to walking your four footed family member.

Arizona summers are not just June, July and August. Try mid May through the middle of October. Believe me by the time you get to September you have had it. I’ve gone through 15 summers and it never changes. Our summer is your winter or the winter you are looking to leave.

The big difference,  I don’t have to shovel any snow and the sun shines almost every single day, our sunrises and sunsets are beautiful. When the middle of October rolls around and those temps start dropping, I know within a week or so my memory will dim about our hot Arizona summer.  The beautiful weather I’m heading into for the next several months makes it all bearable. I mean what are my choices, I’m certainly not moving back to Chicago!

Written by Howard Harris