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A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course . . . Unless You’re Maytag Matilda

Jul 18

filed under: Living In Fountain Hills, Local Gems

Maytag Matilda

Well all I can is that Mr. Ed has nothing on Maytag Matilda. No Maytag Matilda is not a “talking horse”. She is a fabulous sculpture that weighs 5,000 lbs, stands 9 feet tall, 11 feet long and stands proudly in the Fountainside Plaza in Fountain Hills. An attention grabber, you betcha. I dare say not many people¬† living in Fountain Hills knows very much about our infamous mare, other than she is a sight to behold.

So here’s what I know about her, rather first hand by the way. Maytag Matilda was created by renowned¬† fabrication artist Dixie Jewett. I got to meet Dixie when I worked at the Lanning Gallery in Sedona. Dixie grew up on a farm in Montana, so she knows horses well. After high school she spent many years flying seaplanes as air-taxis around Alaska before she ran with her passion to become a full time artist.

Myriad other odds and ends make up her regal anatomy

It all started with a basic welding class. From there she learned the process of gas and wire-feed welding and coupled with a wild and crazy imagination she began creating these unique life-like horse sculptures. Found objects are the foundation and guts of all of her horses. Every one is unique, both in materials and in concept; painstaking work with forge, torch and welding rod bring a unique character to each of her horses. Jewett says, “sometimes I’ll stop work and go out to the stable and pasture to look at the muscles and proportions”.

"Look at me, I'm pretty special"

Our very own Maytag Maltilda stands proudly looking like she is saying “look at me” I’m pretty special. She sure is special as you take note of the old Maytag stamped washing machine, the baby buggy wheels from years gone by, a rusted old tractor seat, forks, knives, beaters, toaster, car bumpers, a section of rusted iron decorative fencing and the myriad other odds and ends that make up her regal anatomy.

You can’t help but smile when you first approach Matilda, she stirs up memories when we see the objects that maybe were once part of our lives. Many a photograph has been taken with her and the many out of town visitors we get throughout the year. I’m sure Dixie Jewett would be pleased to know that Maytag Matilda has become one of our local gems here in Fountain Hills.

Dixie Jewett’s horse sculptures, large and small, are still represented by the Lanning Gallery in Sedona.

At Hozho, 431 State Route 179, A1-2
Sedona, Arizona 86336
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Written by Howard Harris