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Its A Little Lonely At The Fountain Hills Dog Park

May 25

filed under: Harry and Ruffus, Living In Fountain Hills

I write a lot about the Fountain Hills dog park, probably because we take Harry and Rufus pretty much twice a day. Only now going to the dog park is just not the same. Summer is just beginning and many of the four legged snow birds have gone home along with their owners. I think they are as they say “lucky dogs”. I’m sure most of them are going back to much cooler temps than what their Arizona canine friends will have here for the new several months.

Yes there is a definite quiet at the dog park now. Annie and Callie are back in Wisconsin, Molly is heading back to Colorado on Tuesday, Max and Sadie are going back to California and Ally and Chippie will be heading home to Montana. Gosh there’s many others too.

I wonder if when they get back to their other homes if they are depressed for a few days. I know that sounds crazy to some people but I think they could be. We often look and treat our pets as family and treat them as almost human sometimes. Surely we can get down when a good friend or a loved one leaves for a long period of time. We know the feeling of missing them, especially when they first leave. So yes I’m one of those nutty animal lovers that thinks that possibly these dogs could miss their Arizona four legged friends when they first get back home.

Pretty soon we will only take Harry and Rufus to the dog park once a day. . . in the mornings.  It will just be too hot in the afternoons. They feel the heat, sort of  just lay around and not do much of anything. But besides the heat, I think they miss their snow bird canine buddies.


Written by Howard Harris