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You’re Gonna What . .Close Four Peaks Elementary And “LIKE” Have All Those Little Kids Come To Our Junior High

May 02

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Four Peaks Elementary School Closing

Like. . they're going to do what

Four Peaks Elementary School in Fountain Hills will be closing its doors. That was the 4:30 announcement in the Fountan Hills Times last Thursday, April 28th. Its done, there’s no turning back, I can imagine the “horror” of it all from the perspective of the not so pre-teens and the actual pre-teens at Fountain Hills Middle School, this cannot be a good thing. I can hear all the “likes” now. Like how could they do this to us, like we don’t want all those little kids in our “Junior High”, like that’s so crappy. . .

Although Four Peaks Elementary School is made up of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, I sorta see the ones most affected by the closing being the current 5th graders at Four Peaks, the kids that were going to be headed  off to middle school, referred to as ” junior high” when I went to school, we won’t even go there, but you know where you leave all those little kids behind.  Well now that will not be happening, the 4th and 5th graders are coming with you.

What about the Fountain Hills Middle school kids. How will this damage their psyches, wink wink. To me its the current 6th and 7th graders, because the 8th graders will be moving on to high school, they could care less,  leaving another year for the 7th graders moving into 8th grade and two years for the current 6th graders moving into 7th grade having to forgo the “status” of being in middle school/junior high because all those “ratty little” 4th, and 5th graders are now coming to their school.

Junior High is the beginning of feeling cool, rad, no longer the little kid. The last thing you want around you is your little 4th or 5th grade brother or sister or someone elses. By the way in case your wondering what’s gonna be with the 3rd graders, McDowell Elementary which is currently K-2 grades will now be K-3. I know kids “like thank God for that”. Then there’s the school bus, “like, OMG, do you think they’ll be on our bus too?”

Written by Howard Harris