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Three Cheers For Our Fountain Hills Snow Birds. . .Hip Hip Hooray

Apr 06

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Snowbird Traffic In Fountain Hills, AZ

Snow bird Traffic In Fountain Hills, AZ

Within the the next two to four weeks all the snow birds will be heading back home. The traffic will be lighter, the restaurants less crowded and the pulse that beats in our community between January and May 1st will slow down substantially.  Those of us that remain as full time residents will get ready for our long hot summer. The departure of the snowbirds begets a sense of normalcy but a bit of emptiness as well.

So what of  those nasty little thoughts that enter my head when THEY are here as I attempt  to pull out into the  non-stop traffic on Saguaro. I plead guilty, I have on more than one occasion said to  to myself “when are They going to leave, so we can get back to normal” or God “they’re back”.

Pretty hypocritical of me, I’m one of the many Realtors® that turned them into a “snow bird” in the first place when I sold them a second home in Copperwynd, Arriba Del Lago, Eagle Mountain, Sunridge Canyon and the many other great developments in Fountain Hills that are perfect for the turnkey snow bird. I can’t kid myself, the commissions have been pretty nice. Come to think of it those commissions cover my grocery tab at Safeway, put $3.80 a gallon gas in my tank from Chevron,  pay my twice a year dental cleaning with Dr. Loving or pay the once a month visit by Buckets and Brooms to clean our house. Hmmm guess we have a few local businesses right there that benefit from a snow bird buying a place in Fountain Hills.

Tap House Friday Night Fish Fry

Tap House Friday Night Fish Fry

The other night we went for the Friday night fish fry at The Tap House. Great fish fry by the way, not a real heavy batter and all you can eat for less than $10.00. Anyway the place was packed like I have never seen before. Then it dawned on me “the snow birds”. A few of  them looked pretty tan and a bit sweaty, no question the foursome in the middle booth, drinking draft beers, just got off the golf course. So what do we have here, restaurant and golf course revenue from da snow birds.


OK it's not my elliptical machine. .

Sometimes I have to say it gets a bit annoying when I don’t always get my favorite elliptical machine at Peaks Athletic Club. I mean that’s MY machine. Well its really not, but you know what I’m talking about.  It’s obvious many snowbirds like to stay fit, I have seen a few of them with a personal trainer working off those extra Midwest winter pounds. Peaks is one big health club and those extra “snow bird bucks”  have to be a big help for all that overhead. Surely it helps keep my monthly dues down. So maybe its not so terrible that they use MY elliptical machine after all.

So are you getting the picture here. Snow birds bring  revenue into our small town. We need them, especially in these economic times. So instead of sighing while waiting in line at the post office, or getting antsy about waiting a little longer to check out at the grocery store or picking up a prescription, lets be grateful and give a “hip hip hooray” for the financial support that the snow birds provide for all of us, either directly or indirectly. You know they could have chosen a lot of other places to be a snow bird, lets be glad they chose Fountain Hills.

If you are thinking about buying a place in Fountain Hills to escape your cold winter months, take advantage of our experience working with “snowbirds”. Contact us, we would be happy to help you find a great condo or single family home, set you up on an automatic email to receive new listings when they come on the market, whatever suits your needs.

Written by Howard Harris