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Fountain Hills, AZ Has The Best Dog Park Ever. . Just Ask The Dogs

Apr 04

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We love the dog park. . its the best ever!

We love the dog park. . its the best ever!

Well that’s silly, we all know dogs can’t talk, so I will be blogging on their behalf.  No I have not been to tons of other dog parks to make such a statement. I don’t need to go to other dog parks to know that Fountain Hills has the best dog park ever. It just is. Here’s the deal, when you live in Fountain Hills your can get anywhere in seven minutes. That includes the dog park and thank God because our spoiled dog Harry and his best bud Rufus get to go twice a day, early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Now I am certain that if we lived somewhere else that would not happen because the nearest dog park would in all likelihood not be seven minutes away, let alone even have a dog park.

The Fountain Hills dog park, officially known as “Desert Vista Dog Park” is huge, we have dogs that come from far and wide. Well maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I know we get visitors from Scottsdale.  The dogs get to run to their hearts are content. They mix and mingle with each other, sometimes there can be a altercation if they get a bit riled up, but come on they’re dogs and they don’t hold a grudge.

Its mine. . no its miine

Its mine. . no its mine

Dogs are very social creatures that love to play, roll in the grass, lick and nibble on each other, catch a ball from thirty feet in the air, dunk their heads in water buckets and make you laugh. Sometimes they even dance, yes I said dance!  There’s Gigi, Sam, Ruby, Annie, Callie, Molly, Sligo, Max, Chutney, Ace, Valentine, Cody, Copper, Kirby and many more. This week I am expecting to see some new faces from the Pet-Adopt-A-Thon held yesterday in Fountain Park. Lucky dogs, wait till they see the dog park!

This dog park rocks. . ya wanna dance

This dog park rocks. . ya wanna dance

A few years ago I sold a darling condo to Wendy and Brian. They are from Canada. This year they came to spend time in their condo as they do every year. Only this time they came with Molly. Oh my God, you should see this cute little Starbucks expresso, tan colored, adorable munchkin of a dog that weighs 5 pounds. Well Molly’s parents told me she was extremely shy and timid and scared of anything else that had four feet. I said take Molly to the dog park. What dog park they asked. Well Fountain Hills has the best dog park ever and its only seven minutes from your condo, AND I said, and this is important, the dog park is divided in two. One side is for big dogs like Harry and Rufus and the other side is for little dogs. Well I don’t have to tell you the end of this story, but I will tell you that Molly and her mom and dad sure think that the Fountain Hills dog park is the best dog park ever . . .

If you think you would like to learn more about our great dog park contact us, we have the inside “poop” and will be more than happy to share it with you.

Written by Howard Harris