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Foreclosures and Short Sales Can Happen To Anyone. . .Even our Politicians

Mar 14

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PoliticianThese days I am not happy with our politicians, especially the whole lot of them in Washington.  As a matter of fact I seldom have anything remotely “nice” to say about them. Yes my opinion is probably jaded because I’m a Realtor® and most days I deal with situations where someone is about to lose their home via short sale or a foreclosure.

When I show these homes, I see  the empty painted pink and white room with the stenciled princess border, or the blue bedroom with the matching football curtains left behind. Sometimes I must say it’s a bit haunting. I hate that we are trillions of dollars in debt and that our politicians bailed out the banks on the backs of tax payers and these same banks now report quarterly earnings in the billions.

Often I think what do these politicians care. .  . its not affecting them, they’re not losing their homes. They make a lot of money, the other day I heard a figure of $170,000 a year for our congressmen/women and then there are those great pensions and the great health care plans.

Well today was different. Today I read in our local Fountain Hills Times that one of our politicians is facing the foreclosure of his home. The politician is Mayor Jay Schlum. It really threw me when I read the brief article. My first thought was feeling embarrassed for him and his family to have this announced on the front page of the Times. My second thought was that I felt incredibly bad for Mayor Schlum and his family. It appears that their home is scheduled to be sold at public auction on May 27th. The article quotes Mayor Schum as saying  “we love our home and continue to work with the lender to remain in our home and I am hopeful we can continue to do so.”

Hmmm,we all know how cooperative lenders are in helping homeowners stay in their homes. Yes I am being sarcastic. If I were a betting man, which I’m not, first of all I am not a man and second I don’t bet on much of anything, I would say the chances of Mayor Schlum keeping his home are rather slim. You see Mayor Schlum has been unemployed since the summer of 2009. I doubt that the $600 per month of compensation he receives from the Town of Fountain Hills is going to carry the day with his lender. Frankly I don’t know why anyone would want to be a mayor of any town for $600 a month. I also doubt that being a Mayor, and yes that qualifies him as being a “politician”, will make one iota of difference to his lender.

No, I don’t personally know Mayor Schlum, I don’t know if I like him or not. I am not always happy with our local politicians. But today that does not make any difference to me, because today Mayor Schlum is just another guy that is trying to find a job, has a family that he loves and cares about, and is facing the foreclosure of his home.  Today he is no different than the many Americans that were or are in the same situation that he and his family now find themselves in. Today he is not just another politician.

Written by Howard Harris