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So All You East of the Mississippi “Potential” Arizona Second Home Buyers . . What’s Your Weather Going To Be Like Next February? Tee Hee :)

Feb 17

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resized-snow-photoLong post title I know, but wanted to be sure I targeted the right audience and you know who you are. Some fifteen years ago Howard and I left  the subzero temperatures and blistering winds of Chicago. We bequeathed my “fake” fur coat to a good friend, our snow shovels and what was left of our gallon jug of windshield defroster to a good neighbor and set off for Arizona. I would like to say that I have never looked back, but that would be a lie. I still crave the Greek chicken at the Athenian Room on Webster and Halsted and the wonderful summers along the lake front.  That said, I don’t miss the cold, the snow or the gray skies of  those Chicago winters.

A second home was not in our scenario and we moved to Arizona and became full time residents. For those of you that are not amenable to becoming  year round transplants, the time could not be better to consider buying a second home in Arizona. Prices for condominiums, patio homes or town homes in great locations like Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, and Mesa are down 50 to 60%.

If  a small single family home is more suitable for you or for a future retirement home, how does this sound to you.  I just sold a three bedroom, 2 Bath home, in “like new” condition, built in 2005 in a beautiful gated community for $130,000. Just a few short years ago this home sold for over $300,000. Yes there are homes on the market for even less than $130,000 if you don’t mind going out a ways.

Not a cash buyer,  interest rates are at all time lows. If your credit and debt to income ratios are good and you have the funds for a down payment and closing costs, financing is available for you. Can’t spend the time using your second home to the max, our rental market is great on a seasonal or year round basis.

Don’t know the Phoenix area or where you want to be, I can help you out with that one.  Provide me with your criteria and I can set you up on an automatic email to receive listings that fit that criteria. From there we can whittle down an area that is right for you.  This will also keep you on top of our market and what you can get for the price range you are in. Of course I do have a special place in my heart for Fountain Hills and it is a great place for second home owners or retirees.

Resized-Westrdige-EstatesSo here we are in the middle of February in Arizona, its going up to 70 degrees here today, the sun is out, the sky is blue with a few stratus clouds and there is a light breeze. This is the kind of weather I am going to expect to have next February and there is probably a 95% chance it will happen. I really don’t tell you this to gloat, (tee hee 🙂 chuckle chuckle) actually Howard is the gloater in the family, but more for you to think about what you can expect “your” weather to be like next February.

Will you be putting on that down jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, boots and heading out to the garage to get your snow shovel or snow blower for the umteenth time?  Yes I know a cup of hot chocolate awaits you for your good deeds, but so does the ice on your windshield the next morning, OR will you be out here with all the sane folks that refused to suffer the wrath of another winter and made the decision to got forth into the desert and purchase a second home and enjoy the beautiful, sunny and warm Arizona climate.

If you have been thinking about purchasing a place out here, this is a time like no other to do that. Arizona real estate prices are lower than they have been in over a decade. We work with second home owners and retirees all the time and would be happy to help you find your second or retirement home. Please contact TJ if you would like to start that search.

Written by Howard Harris