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Dog Park Politics In Fountain Hills. . . Someone Google Fact Check

Feb 01

filed under: Harry and Ruffus, Living In Fountain Hills, Yada Yada

Afternoon PowWowFountain Hills has a great dog park. We go there a lot with our dog Harry, sometimes twice a day, yeah I know its crazy but as I have said before  Harry is a very spoiled dog. Anyway if you can get to the park about 7:30 am you will find a group of dog owners that are extremely passionate about their politics.

The setting is the big dog park, (there’s a small dog park as well) with all the big dogs and, yes I’m going to say it, their very Republican dog owners, plus a sprinkling of some verrry out numbered Democrats. Oh and yes the Tea Party tribe, hmmm are they Republicans, sometimes hard to tell who’s who. I really can’t say I have seen any independents but it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

The cast of characters and no last names here, Mitch, Fred, Joe, Howard, Frank, Nick, Bob and BoB (there’s 2 Bobs), and Jerry to name a few.

From time to time it’s not so easy to determine ones political persuasion.¬† An owner may be just chillin in the background and choose not to contribute to the political topic of the day or chose to walk away from an often heated discussion. All I can tell you is that “Fact Check” needs to be instituted for these die hard, big dog owner, amateur politicians.

Harry Dog ParkMake no mistake these dog owners are all law abiding fun citizens who will spout off whatever they are thinking. Although not political, I am looking forward to their feisty opinions about the upcoming Super Bowl. Don’t have a dog, come to the dog park anyway, especially if your a Democrat, we need all the help we can get. The bonus that comes with all these lively discussions is that the dogs are really fun to watch, especially Harry, everyone loves Harry.

Written by Howard Harris