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Have A Showing . . Clean The Pet Drool Off The Patio Door

Jan 26

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Showing your home clean the Patio-Door-DroolI cannot tell you the countless times I have taken a client in to see a property and I shake my head and ask myself  “do these sellers really want to sell their home?”  Yes it’s grueling and a pain in the butt to always have your home show ready, especially with the time it’s taking to sell a property in todays’ market.  There are thousands of homes on the market, your competition is fierce. For these reasons  your home needs to make a good first impression for a prospective buyer.  Here are just a few things you should take care of prior to a prospective buyer coming to see your home.

A prospective buyer wants to see your whole house and not a sloppy house.

Pets in your home, will you please clean the drool off the patio door. It looks awful. Have kids, hey we know you “live” in your home, we make allowances for that fact. That said, can you pick up just a few of the toys or ask your teens to at least pick up their dirty underwear off their bedroom floor. My client also would like to see the room, your kid should not be sleeping or have the door closed making us feel like we are intruders.

Open your blinds, clean up the clutter, remember it’s all about presentation.

Messy kitchenTake the clutter off your bathroom vanities and kitchen counters so it doesn’t look like you had an emergency call and had to run out. Open your blinds, walking into a dark home just doesn’t cut it. In addition, agents are on a schedule and don’t have time to open all of your blinds to show your home in the best possible light and then have to close them all before they leave. Their time is better spent pointing out the features of your home.

You may only have one bite at the apple, your home needs to be show ready

Remember a prospective buyer asked to see your home. I made an appointment to show it.  This buyer in all likelihood will see other homes on the same day we are showing your home. You want your home to stand out, be memorable, but not for any of these scenarios.

Written by Howard Harris