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5 Reasons Gemini Twin Homes Are Overlooked By Buyers

Jan 20

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Fountain Hills Gemini Twin HomeI’m convinced that Gemini Twin homes are often overlooked by prospective home buyers for the following reasons:

  1. They have never heard of a Gemini Twin Home.
  2. They see it on their real estate searches as a dwelling type choice and don’t know what it is and its just easy to ignore it.
  3. They believe it’s some type of manufactured home or a double wide mobile home.
  4. They think its a duplex home, i.e. twin having something to do with” two” and they are not looking to own two homes.
  5. Their real estate agent has never suggested or educated them about this type of property.

Well if you can see the photo in this post it’s pretty obvious that it is not a double wide mobile home. So lets talk about what it is and not what it isn’t.

I Live In A Gemini Home In Fountain Hills

First, just so you know, there are quite a few Gemini Twin homes in Fountain Hills.

I have sold many of them and Howard and I live in one ourselves.

What Is A Gemini Home?

Basically a Gemini Twin home is one half of a duplex. In most instances they share a common interior wall. There are some that do not share a common interior wall at all, but may only share an “archway” as well as theĀ  front courtyard that will give front door access to each of the homes.

I would have to say that the majority of the twin homes in Fountain Hills are single level, but there are two story Gemini Twin homes as well.

Common Characteristics of a Gemini Home

Gemini Twin homes usually have two or three bedrooms and their average size range is usually between 1,000 SF to 1,800 SF, although there are a few out there that are larger. . .ours is 2,100 SF.

Most Gemini Twin homes have some type of yard and will have either a one or two car garage. Many of the Gemini Twin homes in Fountain Hills were built in 1995 and newer, although there are some that are older as well.

They can range in price from $115K in today’s market to a high of $350K.

Want To Find Gemini Homes In Your Area?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Gemini Twin homes in Fountain Hills please contact me.

I will be happy to send you some listings of Gemini Twin homes that are currently on the market or read my next post about owning a Gemini Twin home, and why it may be the right type of property for you.

Written by Howard Harris