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All Things Costco . . Battlefield, Obstacle Course, Survival

Jan 16

filed under: Harry and Ruffus, Yada Yada

Loading Groceries At CostcoNo this post is not about our Fountain Hills community, its” fine restaurants, shops, current events or matters of real estate. No today I am writing about, of all things, Costco. I guess you could call this one of those venting posts and since I have a blog, why not take advantage of this conduit of free speech to purge my feelings and personal observations about all things Costco.

First you have to understand that I go to Costco frequently.  The instigator of this every other week visit is our dog HarryHarry in tub 3 You see Harry cannot live without his daily vice of Chicken Bacon strips. Heaven help me if I run out of them. I must always have a backup bag. Let me tell you that this little treat is not cheap. Petco and Petsmart sells them for some ridiculous price. Costco sells them in this very large bag and gets in my wallet for $15 plus a bag. I have a very spoiled dog. OK, let’s start the purging.

Today was Costco day. It always starts in the parking lot. What is with the people that are totally oblivious to a car coming in their direction. Its like they’re on some kind of psychedelic Costco drug or something.  Hello Mr. or Mrs. Ditz do you see my car coming at you? Then there’s the guy that has to park within 20 feet of the door. God forbid they get some exercise and walk more than 20 yards. I mean, seriously, have you seen the size of some of these people. So when they can’t find their perfect parking space, where do they park, and this makes me really angry, in a handicap parking space. I can tell you right now, most of the cars parked in those spaces do not have a handicap license plate or handicap hanger on their rear view mirror. Oh yes, then there is always the future parker waiting for the current parker to finish loading their very full cart into their car while holding up every one else. You can’t go around him/her because there is always someone coming in the opposite direction.

Now let’s go inside and do a little shopping. Yes I came for Harry’s chicken bacon strips, but as long as I’m here I’ll pick up a few things. You know the drill of maneuvering your cart through this gigantic place where they have a person with a hair net offering a “sample of du jour” at the end of every aisle. I don’t know what it is, but when I finally see something that looks palatable there always seems to be only one of those little paper cups left on their tray. Slowly I extend my hand to pick it up when someone reaches in, from I don’t know where, and grabs it and I do mean “grab”. No excuse me, nothing, nada.

Up at the next aisle a small crowd gathers around another netted hair figure patiently waiting for the next round of samples to come out of her oven. Whatever it is she is cooking now appears to be ready and she can’t put them out fast enough. I use the phrase “whatever she is cooking” because I never got a chance to see it. Surely you have seen footage of a shark feeding frenzy when chum is thrown into the water. Get the picture. This scene happens repeatedly throughout the store. Don’t these people eat at home. I’m sorry have you seen all the Mercedes and Lexus’s in the parking lot. These are not people affected by the recession.

Well this little Costco journey is coming to an end. I have what I came for, Harry’s chicken bacon strips and then some. Time to check out and once again I cannot get out of this place without spending less than $150.00. I definitely need to research finding Harry’s treats online. I mean I can’t get rid of Harry.

Written by Howard Harris