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Think You’re Free and Clear of Delinquent HOA Fees In A Foreclosure

Jan 04

filed under: Foreclosures & Short Sales

Resized-Past-DueJust because you lose your home/condominium through a foreclosure Trustee’s sale does not mean you are free and clear of paying any back Home Owner Association (HOA) fees that you were not able to pay because of your distressed financial situation. A homeowner needs to know that the foreclosure will eliminate the Lien on the unit but will not relieve you of the liability to pay the fees that were due and payable before the day and date of the foreclosure Trustee’s sale. Be aware many HOA Associations are filing suit to collect the past due HOA fees from the prior owner. So if you think you’re free and clear of delinquent HOA fees in a foreclosure, you may want to think again.

Written by Howard Harris